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Joe Tacopina found the Law Offices of Tacopina & Seigel and has earned the media's praise as the "hottest young criminal defense lawyer" in New York.
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Bernard Goldberg, the television news reporter and author of Bias, a New York Times number one bestseller about how the media distort the news, is widely seen as one of the most original writers and thinkers in broadcast journalism.


Deirdre's Corner

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Exercise A Weighty Issue: By Deirdre Imus, May 2017 - Parents have countless thoughts running through their minds at any given moment: Is my child happy?

Unvaccinated Children Have Much Lower Rates of Chronic Illness, Jackson State Study Finds


The Somali Measles Outbreak in Minnesota and How the Medical Establishment has Deceived Us


SKIP of New York

 Celebrating 15 Years Protecting Children's Health & the Environment

Deirdre's Dish Picks

Stephanie's Fiesta Salad: Recipe by Stephanie Ronchi - This recipe is a favorite at any function my family has. It is healthy, tasty and is a good side dish with lunch and dinner or just by itself.

If you have a fond memory from your childhood about some of the dishes we post please click here to contact us, we would love to hear your story.


Deirdre's Book Pick Of The Week


 Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration - As we move from the Information Age to the Intuition Age, we need new methods for navigating in an accelerating world.


Support The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center

The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® is devoted to the health and well-being of children, their parents and the general public. Donations to the Environmental Health Center will support research on children's environmental health.


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Sports Corner

Yanks Beat Royals - Ellsbury to DL after hitting wall; New York Yankees beat Kansas City Royals 3-0

'Never Felt Better' - Tiger Woods addresses health after fusion back surgery, says he is 'pain free' 

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MELTDOWN IN MONTANA: Fox News team witnesses GOP House candidate 'body slam' reporter  

U.S. Warship Challenges Beijing - In first under Trump, U.S. warship challenges Beijing's claims in South China Sea

Vatican Presses Trump on Climate Change - Pope Francis put climate change on the agenda of his first meeting with President Trump on Wednesday, and the subject is likely to come up again and again in the president's encounters with other world leaders in the coming days.

Security services missed five opportunities to stop the Manchester bomber - The Manchester suicide bomber was repeatedly flagged to the authorities over his extremist views, but was not stopped by officers, it emerged Wednesday night.

Obama adminstration let in MS-13 gang members - The Obama administration knowingly let in at least 16 admitted MS-13 gang members who arrived at the U.S. as illegal immigrant teenagers in 2014, a top senator said Wednesday, citing internal documents that showed the teens were shipped to juvenile homes throughout the country.

CBO analysis reveals health bill flaws - GOP health bill would raise deductibles, lessen coverage and leave 23 million more uninsured, analysis finds

Hannity on attempted advertiser boycott: 'Nobody tells me what to say on my show'


McCain: Dems killed Lieberman’s FBI shot


Betsy DeVos: Betsy DeVos would not agree to bar discrimination by private schools that get federal money

'IMMINENT' ATTACK: UK terror threat level raised to 'critical,' another attack may be imminent


Manchester Suicide Bombing - 22 Dead, 120 Injured, Youngest Victim Eight Years Old After ‘Suicide Bomb’ at UK Ariana Grande Concert

President Trump arrives in Rome for meeting with Pope Francis - President Trump has arrived in Rome for his first audience with Pope Francis, at the Vatican on Wednesday.

Brennan Fans Flames: EX-CIA Chief Brennan says he saw intel linking Russia to Trump campaign associates

Trump Budget Director: We Are ‘Dead Serious About the Wall’

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